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Whereas Scorpio being a water sign and Aries being a fire sign.  With Mars dominating both signs it makes for very positive temperaments unless there are some bad natal planetary aspects. Since Aries won't take orders from Scorpions and Scorpio will never take a back seat. Love cannot  be a bonfire between these two. Though they've both physical, energetic, and passionate  in their sexual nature and each has a forceful personality and wants to control the other there is no room for these two. This combination is can make an ideal match if one ignores to dominate the other. 


These two are opposites in the zodiac, but they have more in common than other opposites. Both are determined and ambitious, and neither is much of a lover. These are zodiac opposites, but they are compatible earth and water signs. This usually manifests itself in a strong physical attraction . This combination mutually admires each other. Jealousy however is the big problem with this pair and  that seems to be always showing its face. Taurus must be careful to keep faith with the scorpion, or else this combination will fall down without warning. 

SCORPIO WITH GEMINI                      

An air sign with a water sign. These two will have some difficulty rectifying their innate natures. Gemini is too changeable and inconstant for intense Scorpio, who needs and demands total commitment. Scorpio is basically a loner; Gemini likes to glitter in social settings. Gemini has a strong penchant for independence, while Scorpio wants to dominate and possess. Gemini's desire for freedom of action will clash with the jealous and possessive nature of Scorpio.  These two will have some difficulty rectifying their innate natures.  Then again, too much, stifles some. These two are opposites in the zodiac and are attracted to each other like magnets. 

SCORPIO WITH CANCER                     

Both are ruled by water signs. Cancer is loyal, Scorpio's jealousy isn't provoked. Cancer admires Scorpio's strength while Scorpio finds a haven in Cancer's emotional commitment. Both are extremely intuitive and sense what will please the other. Together they can build a happy home  where they feel safe and loved. This relationship has great intimacy, intensity, and depth. Things just get better all the time. Scorpio should make a good mate for quiet spoken cancer.   Scorpio and cancer could well prove the ideal marriage combination. 

SCORPIO WITH LEO                       

Leo being a fire sign and Scorpio being a water sign. Two very strong willed individuals generally create some rather stormy moments . But Leo finds it hard to cope with Scorpio's jealousy and possessiveness.  Scorpio considers Leo a show piece. Scorpio doesn't understand Leo's need to be continually surrounded by an admiring audience. Scorpio would rather dominate than admire, and that doesn't suit Leo's kingly state. Two shinning personalities join together. Basically  this should make for one of the most compatible combinations, but long and happy partnership will be far better  a Leo female marries a Scorpio male. 

SCORPIO WITH VIRGO                        

Virgo  belongs to the earth sign while Scorpio belongs to the water sign. The combination sometimes belongs to the mutual admiration society. If Virgo will keep from hurting Scorpio's pride, this combination will be happy and enduring. Scorpio is also possessive and fiercely loyal, which makes Virgo feel loved and protected. They also admire each other's minds. Virgo is logical, intellectual, analytical. Scorpio is imaginative, visionary, perceptive. Scorpio is volatile but secretive, Virgo is self-restrained and reserved. The Virgo mind is very fascinated with the mysterious and intriguing Scorpio. The only problem here is on the emotional side. If each of them keeps their emotion aside there is some hope for a longer lasting friendship. 

SCORPIO WITH LIBRA                      

Libra is an air sign where as Scorpio is an water sign. Libra may find Scorpio's intense nature a bit overwhelming. Common goals and shared interests could avert any difficulties. There is much sympathetic magnetism between these two signs. While Scorpio is the more dominant sign of the two. There is much to recommend this union, for they have many sympathies in common. Librans are sentimental and susceptible as lovers. This seems to be appealing to Scorpio's dominant and possessive urges. As long as Libra does not hurt Scorpio's pride, Libran will find what they are looking for when they marry a Scorpio. Scorpio is also touchy, moody, and quick to lash out in anger, which is just the kind of person Libra cannot bear.  Scorpio seethes and becomes steadily more jealous and demanding, Libra has either to submit-or to leave.  

SCORPIO WITH SCORPIO                  

Since both belong to the water signs. These two people who are so much alike understand each other very little. They are highly jealous and demanding. Both are sulky, brooding, possessive. Both are in a continual struggle to force the other to relinquish control.  Where is a combination that is confusing in its outcome. If both individuals have a thorough understanding of their inherent traits, they can have deep sympathy for each other. The dominant, possessive, and jealous temperaments of each are things which both will have to handle with extreme consideration.  This can be a very good combination or a very bad one.


Scorpio is a water sign and Sagittarius is a fire. The combination of these to signs is an affair without proper and secured future. Scorpio is dominant by nature, but Scorpio will have trouble keeping their Sagittarian partner under control. Sagittarius is open, talkative, casual about relationships. Scorpio wants Sagittarius at home, Sagittarius wants to roam. Mutual distrust is easy here. The Scorpion possessiveness will make life unbearable for Sagittarius. Scorpio is attractive to the Sagittarian lust, but that is where the compatibility ends. Not a recommended combination. Live and learn is about the best thing to expect here. Both can bring out some of the other's better qualities but the chance of anything long lasting is remote.


Scorpio belongs to a water sign and Capricorn is of earth sign. This is a very hard combination to analyze. Capricorn even likes Scorpio's jealousy-for that makes Capricorn feel secure. These two share a sense of purpose: they are ambitious, determined, serious about responsibility-and as a team have good auguries for financial success. The emotional incompatibility usually becomes unbearable for the combination to handle. For practical matters there are common traits, but the stubborn nature of both signs could make them enemies when things get down and dirty.

SCORPIO WITH AQUARIUS                 

Scorpio being a water sign and Aquarius being an air sign. The comparability often leads to an breaking affair. This combination usually ends up getting into unpleasant terms after a little time. Unpredictable Aquarius is too much for the solid Scorpio temperament. Aquarius has many of outside interests and this does not sit well with Scorpio. Aquarius are too reserved for the passionate Scorpio. Humanitarian instincts is what Scorpio admires in an Aquarian, but Scorpio has no interest in sharing them with the world. Scorpio wants to possess the person and Aquarius want to own the world. Without some extremely mature attitude adjustment it will be difficult to rectify the inherent differences in each other's nature. Scorpio wants to stay at home; Aquarius wants to be free to go. 

SCORPIO WITH PISCES                      

Everything seems fine until Pisces gets tired of the little interests that seem to keep Scorpio occupied outside of the home. Positive qualities of Pisces are not appreciated by Scorpio. Pisces' imagination sparks Scorpio's creativity.  Pisces' intuitive awareness and Scorpio's depth of feeling unite in a special closeness. This kind of mating lasts.  This may be a love at first sight combination, however it seldom lasts a long period of time. But, on the positive side there is an intuitive bond here that both will find agreeable. There is attraction and emotion and feelings and all that good stuff that they both like. 



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