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This is usually a great combination. But both have got egos problems  and both like to lead.  Aries wouldn't dream of taking second place, and  Leo needs constant watch.  They can work it out properly if neither tries to defame the other . Though it's a fine  sexual match, as both are fiery and romantic. Aries is optimistic and open to life; Leo is generous and good-hearted. Leo admires the aggressive tendencies of fiery signs. That is why Arians make  this an ideal union.  

LEO WITH TAURUS                               

Leo requires but will expect it to be returned. Leo loves to dominate and eventually Taurus being strong willed but more patient. Venus and the Sun make a good combination, especially when each understands the other's faults. Excellent physical qualities and great attraction is there for both partners. Taurus will supply the attention that Leo requires but will expect it to be returned.  A strong attraction physically and emotionally but having too many obstacles to cope with.           


On the surface there is great mutual attraction for both signs. While Leo loves with his heart first, Gemini loves with his mind. Both are naturally attracted to glamour and flattery of the world.  Their affair is a  chase after variety and amusement. An affectionate pair who really enjoy each other. Leo will probably demand more adoration than Gemini is willing to give. Socially, each tries to upstage the other, but they have a lot of fun together doing it. There is good reason to be optimistic about this pairing, all in all this is a very good combination of air and fire.  All in all this is a very good combination of air and fire.

LEO WITH CANCER                               

This is a  combination of  fire and water. Usually this is a good combination, since the Cancer reflects the light of the Leo. Leo's  heart will soon forgive the mood outbursts that Cancer shows from time to time. Leo will appreciate cancer's attention and as long as cancer can  forgive and forget that they feel neglected at times. Cancer will feel a bit more enthused around Leo and will probably let Leo run things. Cancer has to get used to Leo's  generous, open heartedness.  Leo is just what insecure Cancer is looking for.  Cancer's marvelous intuitions tell It exactly how to handle this Leo. 

LEO WITH LEO                                        

The both being fire signs. Two positive and strong willed individuals. Both are romantic, colorful, exuberant about life. Each not only wants to sit on the throne, each wants to be the power behind it as well. They want to be the head of their social groups. The two are constantly competing for leadership, unhappy results can result from this. The only hope for a successful partnership is for the female to be content to rule the home and the male to shine in the business and social world. It's difficult for one Leo to make room for another ego as large as its own, but that's exactly what's needed here.

LEO WITH VIRGO                                   

Leo being a fire sign and Virgo being the earth sign. Here is a good chance for a happy partnership. Virgo is practical Leo is extravagant and a spendthrift. Leo likes to live life in a really big way, but Virgo is conservative. This is one of those relationships that depends on the type of relationship it is.  Leo will overwhelm Virgo, whose criticism will irk Leo. In business it is best when Leo leads and Virgo follows and the differences will be tolerated. Both of them should look elsewhere.  If Virgo will permit Leo to hold the limelight and refrain from being too critical they should have no real barriers to a happy and successful partnership. But this may be  quite hard.

LEO WITH LIBRA                                   

Leo being a fire and Libra being a air sign. The comparability of this two shall be tiring affair. The hale and hearty  Leo may prove to be too much for the sensitive Libra nature, though they have a lot in common that could make for a good combination. The sun ruling Leo and Venus ruling Libra usually form a strong and luxurious aspect. Libra is indecisive and Leo will naturally take charge. Both signs love luxuries, are subject to flattery , and are very artistically inclined. The book may not always balance because they're both extravagant and love a beautiful setting in which to shine. Each will also try to outdo the other in order to get attention.

LEO WITH SCORPIO                               

Leo being a fire sign and Scorpio being a water sign. Two very strong willed individuals generally create some rather stormy moments . But Leo finds it hard to cope with Scorpio's jealousy and possessiveness.  Scorpio considers Leo a show piece. Scorpio doesn't understand Leo's need to be continually surrounded by an admiring audience. Scorpio would rather dominate than admire, and that doesn't suit Leo's kingly state. Two shinning personalities join together. Basically  this should make for one of the most compatible combinations, but long and happy partnership will be far better  a Leo female marries a Scorpio male.

LEO WITH SAGITTARIUS                     

Both being of fire sign. The pendulum can swing in any body's favor. Together they share a liking for freedom, adventure, and meeting new people. Leo's natural quality of leadership brings out what loyalty Sagittarius can give. Leo is very proud, but self-confident and expansive Sagittarius is quite happy to let Leo go. Both love change and excitement and have a great zest for life.

LEO WITH CAPRICORN                        

Leo being a fire sign whereas Capricorn is an earth sign. The combination of these two may at time lead to severe complications. The slow Capricorn may prove to be too much for the carefree nature of Leo. Leo will think Capricorn stingy with affection because Capricorn's reserved, undemonstrative nature cannot give Leo the adoration it needs. Neither will take a back seat or let the other dominate. This affair will be on the rocks before it even leaves the dock. Leo forgives and forgets; Capricorn being the one who is slow to anger and seldom forgets. This pair would not form the ideal basis for mutual understanding. Leo likes to live for the moment and Capricorn prefers to make calculated movements.                                    

LEO WITH AQUARIUS                        

Leo is a fire sign and Aquarius is an air sign. The comparability of this two in terms of worldly affairs can often become difficult to match. Both like socializing and meeting new people, but Leo always needs to perform on center stage, which makes Aquarius impatient and irritable. Aquarius is too independent to become Leo's devoted subject. And that's where it ends . Leo views Aquarius's aloof emotions as a personal rejection. Both signs are better when doing things for others. Leo loves the world and Aquarius loves humanity. This makes for an excellent combination for a partnership that deals with or caters to the public. Each have a mutual understanding of the other when it comes to intimate matters, needs and desires.

LEO WITH PISCES                                  

A Fire and water combination. Leo being a fire sign and Pisces being a water sign often makes this a unique combination.   Both are more inclined to take than to give. Fiery Leo and watery Pisces. This is the depiction of these two. Generally not expected to work but both have an ability to learn from one another if they can get past their innate differences. The strong and hearty temperament of Leo may be too much for the subtle and sensitive Pisces. Pisces, with resilience, takes on the changing moods of any partnership. While Leo is flattered by the dependency of others,   Pisces may be too much for Leo to take over a long period of time.   



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